LAWN-EDGIT MK1, the all-new  Lawn Edger Slick-n-Quick

...designed for the avid Gardener and Lawnkeeper.

TheLAWN-EDGIT MK1gives your lawn 'the edge'  In Edging  - and is the preferred choice of Gardeners, Lawn Keepers and Landscapers who get professional edging results at a fraction of the cost of debris throwing motorized edgers.

The Slick-n-Quick  LAWN-EDGITMK1...designed for Avid
Gardeners, Lawnkeepers  and Landscapers.

The LAWN-EDGIT MK1  transforms a lawn's  straggly edge into an appealing V-Groove Edge, by slicing and removing excess turf which abuts or overlaps walks, curbs, drives and patios. The LAWN-EDGIT MK1  cuts a quick and straight  V-Groove into lawns one-inch below and up to three-inches above walks.  There are no 'string-lines' needed to get a straight cut-line.
Replace the Garden Spade or the Half Moon shaped edger with the new  Slick-n-Quick  'Lawn-Edger' by  LAWN-EDGIT MK1
No need for Messy and Debris throwing motorized edgers.  Now you can use the economical and Environmentally Friendly   ...LAWN-EDGIT MK1

The LAWN-EDGIT MK1 Slices overgrown turf and creates an appealing V-Groove Edge.    And, it plows the turf cuttings onto hard surfaces for easy clean-up.  No other lawn edger has this feature. 
The LAWN-EDGIT MK1 reflects a 'clean-edge look' in edging, even after 3 to 4 weeks of regular grass mowings.  When excess turf is sliced and removed, grass trimming along edges becomes a 'breeze'

The LAWN-EDGIT MK1 quickly slices and removes excess turf
abutting and overlapping 90 degree corners or edges.   No motor required.

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